Designed to improve the footing surface and be cost effective for limited budgets for indoor & outdoor arenas!

WHOA Dust™
Horse Arena Dust Free Footing

The World’s safest and most cost effective solution


Treatments can last up to 16 months


Most arenas cost under $500


100% Safe and Biodegradable

Stop dust from rising • Moisture will be retained, reducing need to water by a minimum of 50% • Will provide a firmer and more desirable footing

WHOA Dust™ Horse Arena Dust Free Footing:

WHOA Dust™ will put life back into your footing; giving the spring back while ensuring accurate and even moisture retention

Developed for arenas with silt, sand, clay, dirt, hog fuel or wood fiber. WHOA Dust™ 2.0 is an organic-specific blend that stops dust from rising, reduces the amount and frequency of watering, and provides excellent traction and support for your horse. Your horse will be attentive to you, and not his next step.

Developed for arenas with designer footing, silica dominant footing, or synthetic additives. WHOA Dust™ 2.0+ takes your designer arena to an entirely new level of riding by controlling airborne dust, increasing the moisture absorption in your footing to provide excellent traction and concussion support for your horse.

horse-arena-maintenance-for-better-footing Large and small arenas

    We have been using WHOA Dust™ for over 3 years in several of our arenas. It has been effective in our indoor arena and outdoors in both our sand competition ring as well as our silica GGT ring. Whoa Dust has reduced our watering in all our rings and has especially been an effective binding agent to help keep the footing firm and reduce shear. WHOA Dust™ has a strong focus on customer service relations and are a pleasure to do business with.

    Gerald Drews

    Amberlea Meadows Equestrian Center

      We had WHOA Dust™applied to our central riding arena in Silver Lakes, CA. We have noticed diminished dust, and the water retention under the surface is greatly improved! Great product and wonderful customer service!

      Silver Lakes Equestrian Center

      Helendale, CA

        For the last six years I have used WHOA Dust™. I am very happy with the results and continue to use the product every year.

        Sonya Campbell

        Topline Stable and Show park


        WHOA DUST™ works with all disciplines' and footings


        WHOA Dust™ evens out moisture, increases cushion and adds spring in arena footing. Also helps reduce packing and provides an even riding surface.


        By adding minor amounts of water you can tighten up your footing for better take-offs and landings. A more consistent surface means the horse is focused on the task ahead.


        Make it easier to groom, water and maintain your arena like a Pro! The fundamentals WHOA Dust™ will even out moisture and cause footing to move evenly when grooming while retaining optimal moisture.


        WHOA Dust™ will even out the moisture and texture consistency of the footing; making racing more fair for all participants and easier for ground staff. In addition, a firmer footing allows for faster and safer times. Turn and Burn!


        WHOA Dust™ stabilizes the footing, giving a firm footing that is not too loose or too tight. Accurate moisture dispersion will give even texture allowing your horse to focus on the task ahead.


        WHOA Dust™ evens out moisture in the footing and stabilizes the consistency. You have the ability to speed up or slow down the footing with minor amounts of water.
        Calculate the right amount for your arena! Economical Arena Dust Control

        WHOA Dust™ Horse Arena!

        It works on the fundamentals of physics and does not rely on harsh, leaching chemicals to achieve its goal. Conventional dust control products often bind footing together too tightly, offering a short-term solution and a long-term problem.


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