How WHOA Dust™ works!

WHOA Dust™ will put life back into your footing; giving the spring back while ensuring accurate and even moisture retention

How it Works


WHOA Dust™ simply charges the neutrally charged dust particles floating in your arena to a negative state (flocculation). Once charged the dust will be pulled down and no longer suspended in the air. Moisture will be retained to an optimal state and will reduce your need to water your arena by a minimum of 50% (Reported customer average is 75%). 

In addition, by charging the dust the surface suspension of your footing will be optimized for safety and comfort. Your footing will provide a more supportive, desirable texture and feel for you and your horse.

Check Out This Footing Sample Test!

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Water + Footing VS Water + WHOA Dust™ + Footing


Crusher Dust is ideally suited to drainage as a sub-base. Building the ideal arena will have a base, a sub-base, and a surface. WHOA Dust added to the surface footing will network the particles to decrease the amount of moisture need and increase the length of retention. Dust particles are networked by WHOA Dust making them heavier and pulled back to ground level. WHOA Dust will also ensure the Crusher Dust sub-base locks in place for good drainage.


Geotextile fabric is used to separate the multiple layers of “drainage aggregate.” The open weave keeps the base and sub-base in place and permits good drainage. When WHOA Dust is used with the top lay of the footing material, it reduced and volume and frequency of moisture needed to control dust and displacement. WHOA Dust contributes to keeping your base and sub-base in good condition by reducing moisture requirements.


HOG Fuel is semi fine ground up tree stumps. The material ranges from very fine to coarse wood fiber. WHOA Dust works exceptionally well with HOG Fuel to maintain consistent moisture and control the fine particulate dust which created from hoof action.


Rubber Crumb is made from granulated tire rubber or recycled rubber from tennis shoes. When mixed with sand the resulting footing cushions hoof action and increases drainage. WHOA Dust added to recycled rubber and sand will reduce the amount and frequency of the required moisture to keep dust in check and provide a more desirable riding surface.


Recycled Yoga Mat Additive is exactly that! The colorful shredded foam when mixed with sand and WHOA Dust provides even and consistent moisture content to stop footing from packing and controls dust from normal hoof abrasion to sand.


GGT is shredded synthetic textile that when mixed with sand, improves the shock absorption of the footing. WHOA Dust keeps required moisture in the footing longer and more evenly to keep the sand and GGT footing properly mixed.


Sand Footing is the most common material for arenas. WHOA Dust will provide longer moisture retention, control the dust, and provide improved traction for your horse.


Native Soil is a term used to describe sand or sand/soil mixture. WHOA Dust will reduce the amount and frequency of required moisture to keep the footing desirable for riding.


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