Designed to improve footing surface and be cost effective for limited budgets.

WHOA Dust™
Dog Arena Dust Free Footing

The World’s safest and most cost effective solution


Treatments can last up to 16 months


Most arenas cost under $500


100% Safe for Dogs + Biodegradable

WHOA Dust™ is 100% safe for dogs.
They can run, dig, jump and roll all they want!

WHOA Dust™ Dog Arena Dust Free Footing:

WHOA Dust™ will put life back into your footing; giving the spring back while ensuring accurate and even moisture retention

During competition or training, having a secure footing is important. WHOA Dust™ is a non- aggressive binder, that delivers dust-free footing and provides excellent traction, stability and cushion. A more consistent surface will allow the dogs to focus on the next obstacle and their handlers.

Proven in arenas around the world, with different climates, and for both old and new footing. The old, existing footing that has been pulverized will be charged back together. Stabilizing the footing, and rejuvenating it. New loose or tight footing will charge the dust in the arena to a negative pole, thus linking it to the sand. The sand and dust will continuously link together causing the footing to stabilize quickly and reduce displacement.

    Excellent product! The dogs are not slipping or sliding because of loose sand. It's also better traction for the humans that are running on it! The WHOA Dust™ treated footing holds the form really well and without big "divots".

    Lynda Caughlin


      My arena surface is AWESOME now. Thank you WHOA Dust™!

      Daisy Peel

      Leading instructor and competitor in the sport of dog agility.

      WHOA Dust™ Dog Arena!


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