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Yes, due to the simple fact that we use the technology of flocculation for our arena additive.

Yes! Often arenas only need between 6 to 12 Kgs / 12 to 24 lbs of WHOA Dust™ and application can be done in under 2 hours.

Yes! WHOA Dust™ will put life back into your footing; restoring the surface cushion while ensuring accurate and even moisture retention.

Because WHOA Dust™ works on the principle of flocculation; the footing that has been pulverized will be charged back together; stabilizing your footing, giving it shape, body, and rejuvenating it.

Yes, WHOA Dust™ has been proven in arenas around the world, in different climates, too accurately and evenly disperse moisture throughout the footing. WHOA Dust™ is activated by water so it will pull moisture in every direction in your footing causing even and accurate moisture dispersion.

Yes! WHOA Dust™ will charge the dust in the arena to a negative pole, thus linking it to the sand. The sand and dust will continuously link together causing the footing to stabilize very quickly and reduce displacement.

Because WHOA Dust™ works on the principle of flocculation; the footing that has been pulverized will be restored, stabilizing the surface, giving the footing shape, body, and rejuvenating it.

Yes & Yes. WHOA Dust™ charges the dust to a negative pole, causing the sand to link together. The footing will stay in your arena where it belongs. Due to the charge between the sand and the dust, the light-weight sand that would usually become airborne is now heavier and cannot blow away as easy.

WHOA Dust™ is not washed away by rain.

It is impossible to say how often specifically, however; clients have noted a minimum of a 50% reduction in volume and frequency of watering. The customer average is 75%!

Arenas with high humidity or condensation have noted almost a complete stop of watering.

Did you know?


WHOA Dust™ evens out moisture, increases cushion and adds spring in arena footing. Also helps reduce packing and provides an even riding surface.


By adding minor amounts of water you can tighten up your footing for better take-offs and landings. A more consistent surface means the horse is focused on the task ahead.


Make it easier to groom, water and maintain your arena like a Pro! The fundamentals WHOA Dust™ will even out moisture and cause footing to move evenly when grooming while retaining optimal moisture.


WHOA Dust™ will even out the moisture and texture consistency of the footing; making racing more fair for all participants and easier for ground staff. In addition, a firmer footing allows for faster and safer times. Turn and Burn!


WHOA Dust™ stabilizes the footing, giving a firm footing that is not too loose or too tight. Accurate moisture dispersion will give even texture allowing your horse to focus on the task ahead.


WHOA Dust™ evens out moisture in the footing and stabilizes the consistency. You have the ability to speed up or slow down the footing with minor amounts of water.


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