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The Horse Arena Revolution: Mastering Horse Arena Dust Control for a Safer Riding Experience

When you think of a horse arena, what comes to mind? The exhilarating gallops? The perfect jumps? But a crucial component that's often overlooked is arena dust control. This comprehensive guide delves deep into why controlling dust in your arena is paramount for horse owners and how modern dust control products are revolutionizing how we look at arena maintenance. Read on to ensure your arena is safe...

Dust Control and Your Horse’s Health

Prevention is the best way to deal with horse respiratory problems caused by dust. That’s why it’s better to stay informed and do your part to protect your horse’s health from the hazardous effects of dust. But how exactly are you going to prevent respiratory issues from occurring and affecting your horse’s respiratory system? Read on to find out what to do to minimize dust in all...

Arena Dust Control 101- WHOA Dust® Control VS Other Dust Controls

There are many aspects of horse-keeping that you, a stable owner, need to know. And for good reason! The amount of dust can depend on things you can’t control, such as the weather, soil composition, or water availability. This is where dust-control products come into play: they can help you reduce watering and prevent dust from rising, so you and your horse can both enjoy a risk-free...

Put The WHOA To Your Arena Dust

Scientifically certified safe for the environment, animals and people, while it increase the tensile strength of footing for better support, traction and concussion absorption. WHOA DUST(TM) simply charges the neutrally charged dust particles floating in your arena to a negative state that causes the particles to be pulled back toward the ground.

Stop Dust, Reduce Water & Time Wasting

No rider, trainer, coach or horse enjoys eating or inhaling dust. Dust is a common problem in addition to a health concern. There is a solution that won't break the bank or the environment - WHOA Dust Cost Effective & Environmentally Safe! WHOA DUST is cost-effective, odourless, biodegradable, non-toxic and will not wash away in the event of heavy rainfall. A small and concentrated granular, it's easily...


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