Calculate Arena Costs

Most arenas cost under $500 and will last up to 16 months!

Calculate your arena dust control costs and learn how it can be applied in under 2 hours without the need for expensive equipment!

Our clients are shocked how Economical WHOA Dust™ is!

It works on the fundamentals of physics and does not rely on harsh, leaching chemicals to achieve its goal. Conventional dust control products often bind footing together too tightly, offering a short-term solution and a long-term problem.

Calculate your arena dust control costs

Calculate the right amount for your arena!

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The World’s Safest Eco Dust Suppressant

Did you order enough WHOA Dust™?

WHOA Dust™ is bio-degradable and the benefits of this include NO toxicity for plants, water sources, animals and humans. 

WHOA Dust™ gets the optimal results by:

An initial application and small amounts added on a schedule to replace the product which has biodegraded. 

It’s Important to follow instructions.

Questions? Call our office for technical guidance 

Calculate the right amount for your arena! Economical Arena Dust Control

WHOA Dust™ Arena Dust Control 



Treatments can last up to 16 months


Most arenas cost under $500


100% Safe and Biodegradable

Can be applied in under 2 hours!
No need for expensive equipment!


How to Apply WHOA Dust™

Moisten, groom, apply, groom and water. No need for expensive equipment or protective gear, anyone can safely and easily apply. Use the equipment you already have! 

Prep Your footing

Apply - Groom - Apply

Water - Wait & Ride!


Every order is tendered with a custom application and instructional form for customer support. The initial application can be done in under 2 hours, and can be ridden in right after. We do recommend to allow 12-24 hours for best results. 

Moisten footing if dry, slight moisture is all that is needed.

If the footing is dry, WHOA Dust™ will fall through the footing to the base and be difficult to activate.

If footing is too wet – it is difficult to mix into the footing.

Groom the top surface of the footing; ideally use a chain link fence, or diamond harrow upside down.

NOTE: Do not harrow or groom more than 1” to 1.5” deep.


Spread instructed amount on your arena surface using a handheld broadcast seeder or large rubber tire push spreader.

Set spreader to smallest hole.

Lightly groom the surface – ideally no deeper than 1”. You are simply setting the WHOA Dust™ into the top of your footing.

Fully Soak to the base.

Soak the footing in a way that you do not puddle, but ensure footing is fully soaked. Groom vigorously to base.


Following Day: Sprinkle the surface of footing with water.

You will not need to water as much or as long as when you installed.

Vigorously groom the footing to complete the application process.

Time to go and ride!

NOTE: You can ride in arena right after application; but we recommend leaving it for a few hours for best results.

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